Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For April 2019 By Steve, KB7KWK

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. We had a great March this year with club activities and programs. I hope you all enjoyed the March program. We had Fred Lloyd AA7BQ, the creator of QRZ at this meeting. I think we all learned that there is more to QRZ than just looking up call signs. I did not realize that there was so much more you can do on that site.

We had our annual event out at the Falcon Field Open House on Saturday March 30th we always have a blast at this event. We had had several HF stations set up as well as our Mesh Network setup. There was a CQ contest going on at the same time so it was a little hard to make contacts however, we managed to make a few .We had guys on 40 and 20 meters as well as digital. We also had an excellent connection on the Mesh Network. This event is always a good one to introduce people to Ham radio. We also always have old hams from days gone by stop and talk to us about getting back into the hobby.
I am pretty sure we will also have several new club members in the near future. We handed out a lot of club flyers and other club information. John Wolven KG7NSP the SuperFest Chairman was there and started selling raffle tickets 2019 SuperFest. We did pretty well considering how early in the year it is.

I would like to thank all the club members and non-members who came out on Friday to help set up the club booths. It is very much appreciated. I think there were 12 people. Also thank you to those who stayed until 4pm on Saturday to help take everything down. Now it is time to get ready for Field Day in June and I hope to see a huge crowd there this year.

I look forward to seeing all of you at club meetings and outings in 2019. When you see me out there or hear me on the air, please say hello.

73 Your 2019 Club President Steve Estes, KB7KWK