Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For February 2019 By Steve, KB7KWK

Hello everyone and welcome to February, I want to thank all of you who attended the January meeting. This was the meeting we had our annual Junk auction and it was another good one. The club raised some extra money and we all had fun as we usually do. There were 82 people in attendance and it was great seeing that many people there. I want to thank all those people who helped out in organizing and setting up for this meeting. It is one of our best meetings and it takes some organization to get it running.

I would like also to thank Andy KD4ABB for once again putting some great programs together for this year. We have some good ones coming up in the next few months. Our program for February will be Introduction to Amateur Radio Mesh Networking. You probably have heard my Mesh nets on Thursday nights and wondered what we are talking about. This will be a good meeting to attend to learn a little more. I will have a power point presentation and with the help from some other members of the Central Arizona Mesh Group, we will have some demos on how we use email, phones, cameras and many other services on the Mesh network.

Like last year, we have noticed more attendance at the club meetings and hear new voices on the repeaters all the time. Ten years ago we had around 75 people in the club with about 25 attending meetings. As I mentioned above, we had 82 at the last meeting. Crazy, more people attended that meeting than we had people in the club in 2008. Our little club is no longer little. I believe we are now the second biggest Ham Club in Arizona. I hope to see all of you coming out to club events this year. Just to name a few, we have Falcon Field Day coming up in March. the club picnic in April, and Organ Stop Pizza event in July, and probably our biggest event, Field Day the last weekend in June.

I look forward to seeing all of you at club meetings and outings in 2019. When you see me out there or hear me on the air, please say hello.

Your 2019 Club President, Steve Estes, KB7KWK