Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For October 2017 By Stephen, KB7KWK

Well we are winding down the year so there is not a whole lot of new club business to report in this monthís Presidentís corner. In October we will be holding the nominations for the 2018 Board of Directors and Officers so please attend this meeting then at the November meeting the elections for next year will be taking place. So, please attend this meeting to cast your votes for next year. I will also be appointing some board members for the nomination committee at the next Board meeting.

We have been seeing more and more new hams every month and have been seeing our attendance at each meeting increase. It is great to see so many people at the meetings. I hope we continue to see so many people attend It seems most of the club members like our programs especially meetings where we have some type of build project like antennas and other gadgets. I hope whoever the new Board and Officers are next year continues to keep the interesting programs coming to the meetings.

That being said, I would like to thank those of you who gave presentations at our club meetings. Some I can think of right of hand are Andy KD4ABB, Jeff N7CCW, Brian W7JET (club repeater Trustee) Dan W7TWR (Head of Tech Committee) Just to mention a few.

Also remember that Dave Muller K7AV the editor for the clubís monthly Communicator newsletter is always looking for articles to print each month. If you have something you would like to write about. Please send a message to Dave at; You can write about just about anything. It does not need to be ham radio related and if you have some photos to go with it even better.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting
Steve Estes