Superstition ARC / AMO Mesh Mail Group Information.

Are you interested in learning more about the SuperARC / AMO Mesh Information Network and what we are doing? Then Check out the information below:

The Superstition ARC moved our mesh mail list over to Google Groups. We also combined our effort with the Arizona Mesh Organization. This allows you to control how you receive your email. Not a member? The process to Subscribe or Unsubscribe is very easy for you to control.

  • If you were already on the Superstition ARC or the Arizona Mesh mail list, then you are already subscribed to the new mail list group.
  • Your email's will still be delivered just as they were before the change to Google Groups. By logging in you can choose how you would like receive your email's
    • Each email
    • Digest
    • Abridged
    • No Email
  • To sign in to the mail group use this link:
  • To Subscribe to the mail group, send an email to:
  • To Unsubscribe to the mail group, send an email to:
  • The email address is different for the new group. You will need to use: ""